Relax! No Need to Ask! Yes! Everything’s Vegan!

Open 10am – 4:30pm Monday to Saturday

What we’re up to here!

Don’t worry: we’re not going to bang on about ‘mission statements’ or anything pretentious like that!  But we are trying to do something simple and – we hope – worthwhile; that’s bringing good, wholesome vegan food to Wrexham in a responsible way.  That’s it!  That’s the plan!

When you look at our menu, you’ll see it’s uncomplicated and fun.  Whether you’re breakfasting, light-lunching, looking for something substantial at the end of the day – or anything in between, we’ll have something for you.  There’ll be home-cooked dishes daily, such as pasta, chilli or curry, together with simple favourites such as burgers, sausages, pies, ‘things on toast’, rolls and sandwiches with hot and cold drinks.  Oh, and chips and ‘afters’, of course!

But our ethics don’t stop with animals.  We’ll be minimising our impact on the natural world everywhere we can.  We’ll be affiliating to the Sustainably Run Restaurants initiative, following all accepted environmental good practice and contributing part of our income to the cause.

We’ll also take a strong social stance.  It goes without saying that we’ll be anti-discrimination in every sense, often employing Wrexham people who might struggle to find work elsewhere.  But we’ll also be working with rehabilitation and recovery organisations to give opportunities to those who most need it.

Finally, we’ll be offering tokens that can be bought alongside your food and drink to give a meal to Wrexham’s homeless.

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